Luann Powers Gliwski

Interior Designer

Luann Powers Gliwski, Interior Designer for Romanza Interior Design, is best known for her ability to encourage her clients slightly out of their comfort zone to achieve the next level in design for their home.

She started designing over 20 years ago, armed with a B.S. in Interior Design from Florida State University, and a passion for fashion and an eye for detail.

In 1995, she earned her National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ), setting her apart from her peers as a consummate professional in the industry. Most recently, she was an important member of the Robb & Stucky International design team.

Gliwski believes in creating the perfect balance between function and style. In her quest, she goes above and beyond to truly understand her clients’ needs: how they live, work and entertain in their home. This means establishing a close rapport, fueled through conversations and feedback. The result is an enjoyable, stress-free experience that leads to the perfect design plan.

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Johanne Vincent 

Design Assistant

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